The majority of semen is stored at Hawkeye Breeders, Inc. at Adel, Iowa. The semen is shipped via UPS in a dry shipping tank. A dry tank has a absorbent jacket that soaks up the liquid nitrogen. If the tank does not "smoke" when the plug is removed, please call Hawkeye Breeders at (515) 993-4711 immediately. It is delivered to your door and UPS will return to pick up the tank, usually the next day, so please transfer the semen into your own tank as soon as possible.

Semen on some bulls is available at other collection agencies across the country. We also keep some semen at our home and carry a tank to Hereford events. Contact us for service at either of these locations.

We process your orders for semen immediately, however, during April and May, there may be a short delay due to the number of available shipping tanks and the number of orders placed. When placing orders remember that UPS does not deliver on Saturday and Sunday. It usually takes three days for UPS to deliver orders, not counting the day the order is placed. Please keep this in mind for prompt service.
Certificates are sent as promptly as possible.